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Adobe Acrobat®

Adobe Acrobat® is a powerful software application that gives Ag-Trakker users added features when running Ag-Trakker reports.


  • Preview your Ag-Trakker Reports on-screen before printing them. See them on-screen exactly as they will look when printed.
  • Save Ag-Trakker Reports as PDF (Portable Document Format) files for archive purposes, or to share with others via e-mail.
  • Mark up a report on your screen with hi-lights, notes, etc. and send it to someone via e-mail or print it that way.
  • Can be used outside of Ag-Trakker to convert any document, no matter what application created it, to PDF format.
  • Fully documented with extensive on-line help.

You can purchase a copy of Acrobat from numerous online vendors.