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Payroll is a personnel management package that tracks your employees and their personnel files. Payroll checks can be
processed and printed on a weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis. 125d deductions and 401k plans are supported and tracked. Year-end processing includes the capability for printing W2's in-house.


  • Pay hourly, salary and commissioned employees 
  • Allows 7 different, user-defined pay types 
  • Allows 8 different, user-defined deductions 
  • Separate travel/expense reimbursements 
  • Each deduction can be 125d eligible 
  • Track 401k plan info, with various matching schemes 
  • Print monthly 401k report 
  • Print quarterly tax reports 
  • Print checks, or direct-deposit stub only 
  • Print W2's 
  • Use multi-part, pre-printed, dot-matrix forms or single-sheet, pre-printed, inkjet checks and W2 forms 
  • Attach notes to employee records 
  • Print employee labels  

Reports and Forms

  • Payroll Register - current and year-to-date 
  • Checks (multi-part form or single-sheet) 
  • Employee List 
  • Employee History Report 
  • Employee Labels (pin-fed or single-sheet) 
  • 401k Report 
  • Quarterly Tax Reports - federal and state 
  • W2 Report 
  • W2's (multi-part form or single-sheet)
  • Export data to Spreadsheets, Databases, Word Processors, etc. ODBC Add-on.